The Route

Starting in the beautiful city of Graz, we're cruising towards south east direction to the Hungarian Puszta with its amazing national parks followed by some breathtaking Serbian scenery. Afterwards we’re crossing gorgeous mountain roads in Romania until we reach the coast of the black sea in Bulgaria. This stop will be followed by crazy roads in not so well know Balkan countries like Albania and Montenegro. The last countries of our roadtrip will be Bosnia and Croatia where we will have a party and crown the Pothole Rodeo Champion 2018.

It is necessary to successfully manage a wide variety of types of streets. From well constructed federal highways, over less beautiful country roads to gravel roads with tons of "potholes". You will find everything what your heart desires! The route of 2015 is of course announced in due time.

Just to make one thing clear: The Pothole Rodeo is not an all-inclusive tour where we tell you exactly how and where you should drive. That wouldn't be an adventure. We rather provide you a damn cool roadbook where you can find possibilities of how and where to drive, to experience heart-stopping locations.

Your car

Find a stylish car which represents the flair of the old days, is at least 20 years old and doesn't cost more than 500 Euros.


Go and register yourself immediatly for Pothole Rodeo!

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